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Entrepreneurial Spirituality: How Successful Businesswomen Incorporate Their Daily Practice into Growth

Spirituality has become a popular topic among successful entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, and Andy Puddicombe. But, should all entrepreneurs embrace spirituality and rely on it to help with growth? Spirituality means to relinquish a certain amount of responsibility for your own life and believe that there is something bigger at play. However, it doesn’t require following a specific religion, just being open-minded about life beyond earth. Some entrepreneurs find spiritual practices beneficial in their lives and business.

For instance, setting positive affirmations as reminders in a phone for instant motivation has proved successful for some. Also, listing everything one is grateful for before starting the day can uplift the mood and improve outlook towards business operations. A few entrepreneurs have incorporated spiritual practices into their daily routines to build intuition and focus. They meditate daily, journal and do future visioning to create the life they desire.

Ashworth and Akwisombe believe that when you have a strong spiritual and mindset practice, you can bypass what is logically acceptable and create extraordinary impact and income in far smaller amounts of time. Ashworth has observed a drastic growth in her business, and she attributes it to a combination of work ethic and her spiritual practice. Akwisombe, after getting herself a manifesting coach, believes this has helped her stretch for bigger targets and push for more, breaking down her money blocks and limiting beliefs.

While spirituality works differently for everyone and does not guarantee success, it can serve as a tool to see beyond the physical world, stimulate creativity, and earn a slightly different perspective about business operations. You cannot just sit back and wait for the universe to serve you. You have to take the first step and believe in the power of intention.

This article is a must read: https://www.forbes.com/sites/annieridout/2019/06/20/incorporating-spirituality-into-your-business-may-be-the-key-to-success/?sh=2280a9212462

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